After 15 years of IBC’s, it’s that time of the year when I again decide that, yes, I still have the energy to pull off another IBC; and so get fired up planning it and a few months later, have the time of my life with you who decide to attend. 

But the temper of the times is changing, and I no longer have the stamina nor the desire for gatherings of 100+ participants. Instead this year, along with another “island old beachcomb salt,” Noni Sanford, and my archaeologist husband, Tomasi Patolo, attendees will receive a more intensive skills-building and island exploration experience via our combined century+ years of beachcomb and artifact identification skills.

In particular, we will teach you beachcomb tips and techniques. You will learn more about island shells, beach pottery, fishing floats and sea glass; stone tool making; and ancient Hawaiian history. You will visit lava tubes and volcanoes, see ancient petroglyphs, salt pans, chum bowls, and konane boards; see sea turtles sunbathing and manta rays swimming; traverse across some of our favorite gorgeous country roads; and beachcomb on some of our favorite island beaches. 

If this is your first time to beautiful Hawai’i, you will be introduced to hidden worlds few tourists get to see. If you are a return visitor, we hope to introduce you to the Big Island in a fuller, deeper context.

So pack your carry on, sunblock and water bottle, board that plane, and fly on out to us. Tropic flower lei and a very special beach treasure will be awaiting you along with some unforgettable island experiences.

See you soon! Aloha and happy combing!

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