Location / Lodging / Meals, 2021

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Chesapeake Bay-style B&B    Photo by Deacon Ritterbush

IBC  Location / Venue

The conference itself will be situated on a long stretch of beach in the peninsula community of Bay Ridge, about 4 miles east of Annapolis. The venue is the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s (CBF) Philip Merrill Center, where IBC ’09 was held. CBF, long a champion of environmental stewardship and keeping waterways clean, boasts one of the greenest buildings in the U.S. with composting toilets and a ban on single-use plastics. 

Eco-Focused & Committed to Earth-Care

Along with CBF, IBC is committed to protecting and preserving our natural environment and waterways. So NO plastics, please. This includes packaging of Bazaar sale items, plastic bags or buckets to hold beach treasures, and plastic water/soft drink bottles. All meals will be served on reusable or compostable materials.


  • glass or metal water bottles.
  • cloth bags or use jacket or pants pockets to hold beach treasures
  • If bazaar items need to be wrapped, use tissue paper and/or paper bags

It’s Got to Start Somewhere. Why Not with Us?


Yes, we feed you! With the exception of breakfast & dinners on full day Field Trips, all meals are included in the IBC fee package. Most of them will be catered by one of Annapolis’s favorite caterers, so the meals will be delicious.


Lodging is NOT included in the IBC ‘21’s fee. There are, however, many hotels within a 6-mile radius of the venue site as well as reasonably priced homes for rent in the Bay Ridge community. Many of these are water views and/or just minutes from the beach and the venue. Most are capable of housing anywhere from 6 to 14 participants so registrants can group together and rent one.

Once we receive your registration form and fee, we can provide you with available rentals and a code word to use indicating to homeowners you are a registered IBC participant. We will help set up an email chain so you can connect with other participants and then leave it to you all to book and share housing. 

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