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"At IBCs, I get to spend time with wonderful people who share the same love of the sea and all its treasures..." 
"If you love exploring beaches with like-minded folks, then the IBC is a great way to do it.    It's a fun group of people, and the lectures/speakers are very informative.  You'll have a blast!  I've been attending for many years and plan to continue to do so for many years to come."
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"Attending IBC is a remarkable experience! We make great friends, learn cool stuff about the crazy and beautiful things we find on the shore, and the meditative quality of our beach walking soothes the soul and inspires us to protect this habitat we love so dearly. "

"I am a four-time IBCer who found out about the conference when I bought Dr. Beachcomb's book while on a beach vacation at the Jersey shore.  What a wonderful discovery!   I hadn't known there were so many like-minded people who love the history and treasures of various maritime locations!  I have learned so many fascinating things and met such wonderful people!"
"At IBCs you will discover a unique community of fun, caring, sharing kindred spirits, united by both our respect for the shore and our love for the beautiful treasures it offers us."
"I've been lucky enough to have attended IBCs in fabulour places -- the Olympic peninsula, Hawaii's Big Island, NC's Crystal Coast and New Brunswick, Canada.

Every conference has been rich with local history, meeting local people and beachcombing for teasure on all the shorelines.  But the best part has been the very good friends I've made from all over the world.  An experience not to be missed.  Thank you Deacon!"
"Thank you, Deacon, for all your work organizing the yearly Beachcombing Conference.  It is so exciting to see old friends and make new ones, and I'm always impressed by the field trips, speakers and lodging.  It truly is like summer camp!"